Reduce your cybersecurity risks

We will equip you with the right tools to take control of your cybersecurity

With over seventeen years in the industry, we are well equipped to help you take control of your cybersecurity.

We provide corporate cybersecurity consulting services as well as individual VIP cybersecurity protection.

We can help you design and implement strategies to reduce cyber risk and the possibility of getting compromised.

We know the proper steps and actions to take. We are experienced in implementing world-class security programs.

Ransomware and identity theft are devastating companies and causing significant personal impact. We have precise insights and steps to reduce your risk significantly.


We have answers to your questions:

  1. How to take control of your corporate or personal cybersecurity?
  2. How to ensure my business continues to operate?
  3. How do I maintain cybersecurity costs under control?

By developing these areas, you prime your cyber security posture for success. Let’s take a more in-depth look:

Comprehensive technical skills

Too often, we see companies and individuals being held back by a fundamental lack of cybersecurity knowledge. You can’t build a strong cybersecurity defense on a weak foundation.

Action Threat ensures all your bases are covered. Using interactive sessions and proven assessments, we equip you with actionable technical skills, covering;

  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security
  • Windows Security
  • Reducing your attack surface
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Modeling

What you'll learn:

  • Critical Windows, Network, Cloud, and Wireless Security concepts. During a few days, we will review these and other fundamental infosec concepts.
  • How to conceptualize and implement an effective security program
  • Effective Cybersecurity Controls

Development Trajectory

Our cybersecurity consulting will help you develop a personalized, actionable playbook for your organization or personal security. This is done during an interactive sessions, where we review real-life case studies so you can test your skills.

  • Expand your cybersecurity awareness
  • Improve your technical skills
  • Create a protection plan

Actionable Knowledge Transfer:

  • Acquire the skills to identify cyber threats
  • Develop a strategic prevention strategy.
  • Cyber security prioritization, identifying which areas to address and in what order, and which skills you or your team should develop first.

Best Practices

Knowing your attack footprint is instrumental to implementing effective security. During our consulting, we help you to develop a playbook with actionable ideas tailored to your organization or personal life without incurring significant expenses by leveraging existing systems and tools. We help you define exactly what to do to make immediate, effective changes in your security.

  • Effective protection strategies
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Protect your assets
  • Tailoring recommendations

What you'll gather:

  • Identify InfoSec priorities and make actionable recommendations.
  • Identify your organizations’ threat model to tailor your recommendations and plan of action.
  • Significantly reduce your organization’s attack surface.
  • Learn how to build an InfoSec Strategic Roadmap.
  • Provide measurable results on the short, medium and long term.
  • Learn how to tailor your message depending on the audience.

Once you partner with us you will have a clear plan for cybersecurity success.


By applying our unique and innovative protection concepts, and developing the skills to help you identify threats, you will greatly reduce the chances of being hacked.