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5 of the Most in Demand Cybersecurity Career Paths

All companies in all industries need to keep their data safe. 

And as the amount of companies and digital information rapidly grows, so too does the demand for cybersecurity professionals who can protect that data against breaches and attacks. In fact, there are currently over half a million cybersecurity job vacancies in the United States.

But before you blindly chase after a career in cybersecurity, it is important to know the various career paths available, and the various routes to achieving rewarding roles in the industry.

In this post, Action Threat covers the routes towards five of the most in-demand and rewarding career paths in cybersecurity;

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5 self-reflections for Infosec professionals looking to capitalize on the cybersecurity talent shortage

The Problem

International work polls all agree – that a drastic shortage of cybersecurity talent is putting the security and safety of organizations globally at risk. In the U.S. alone, there are currently 500,000 cybersecurity job openings, with not enough qualified candidates to fill the demand.

As a cybersecurity professional with this in mind, you may find yourself asking;

– If there are so many open positions, why am I not getting hired for the job I want?

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